Tuesday, March 11, 2014

John Coggin, user experience expert, joins KDA Web Technologies

Designer, developer and user experience expert John Coggin joins KDA with more than two years experience working with some of Google’s largest enterprise customers.

Most recently, John worked for UK-based Google Apps reseller White Stratus and, from 2011 to 2012, for Cloud Sherpas, one of world’s largest cloud brokerage service providers and among Google’s most long-standing and successful enterprise partners.

"With the launch of a new website, a rejuvenated brand and fresh new focus on developing truly innovative and unique solutions on the Google Cloud Platform in 2014, I am elated to join the KDA family," Coggin said about KDA's recent growth spurt.

"We are a group of individuals who harbor a deeply intimate passion and idealism for our profession, yet bears special emphasis that one of the most important things we're building is in fact a family — of developers, cloud experts and young entrepreneurs. This is our lifeblood. This mutual respect, and the bonds forged through it, give me great confidence for a bright, thriving future for KDA.”

Wes Dean, a Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist and a Google Apps Trusted Tester, is Principal of KDA Web Technologies, a Google-Centric development firm and a Google Apps Authorized Reseller. To learn how  KDA Web Technologies can help you, go to www.kdaweb.com.

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