Thursday, September 6, 2012

HOWTO: Upload an entire folder of files into Google Drive

This quick HOWTO describes how to upload an entire folder of files into Google Drive.  This can be useful for storing images and other kinds of files in Google Drive for access and retrieval from multiple locations, including your desktop, laptop, or even your mobile device.

Images that are uploaded into Google Drive can be added to Google Documents through the Insert menu.  This is very convenient for when you have a series of screenshots, for example, that you want to include in a document (like this!).

  1. Login to your Google account
  2. Go to Drive (or Docs) from the Google Apps Global Navigation Bar
  3. Navigate to where you would like the files to reside
  4. Click on the "Upload" button

    Inline image 2
  5. Click on "Folder"

    Inline image 3
  6. Select the folder that you would like to upload

    Inline image 4
  7. Declare victory!  


Wes Dean, a Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist and a Google Apps Trusted Tester, is Principal of KDA Web Technologies, a Google Apps Authorized Reseller.  To learn how Wes and KDA Web Technologies can help you, go to

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