Monday, August 27, 2012

Zendesk is now on the Google Apps Marketplace

On August 24th, Zendesk announced that their flagship, namesake product, Zendesk, is now available on the Google Apps Marketplace.

Here's a link to the full announcement:

Zendesk integrates with Google Mail (Gmail), Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Google Analytics.  

Also, you can now provision Zendesk accounts from Google.

Zendesk is a cloud-based customer service (helpdesk / ticketing) application.  In addition to the traditional helpdesk functionality (end-users create tickets and agents of the organization respond to those tickets), Zendesk has hooks into other platforms like Wordpress, Twitter, Facebook, SafesForce, and more.  

Zendesk even has a hook into a VoIP service allowing you to setup a helpdesk phone system where unanswered phone calls are recorded as voicemails which are transcribed into new tickets.

It's a cool package with different packages at varying price points.  Check them out!

Note -- KDA Web Technologies is a Zendesk Ambassador.  We can help your organization get online with Zendesk and integrate your Google Apps domain with Zendesk for convenient and reliable Single Sign-On (SSO) service.  KDA Web Technologies can also help your organization integrate Zendesk with OneLogin for cloud-based SSO service.


Wes Dean, a Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist and a Google Apps Trusted Tester, is Principal of KDA Web Technologies, a Google Apps Authorized Reseller.  To learn how Wes and KDA Web Technologies can help you, go to

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