Wednesday, April 23, 2014

KDA Web Technologies Wins Recognition from SUNY New Paltz!

New Paltz based KDA is honored to have received recognition for its contribution to the SUNY New Paltz internship program at a lunch event held on campus on Friday April 11th. KDA has hosted interns for the last year at their office at 211 Main St. New Paltz; Dante Gutierrez and Hamza Bentebbaa, who also received recognition, were two of the first interns KDA accepted.

"The Internship Recognition Ceremony is an annual event that the Career Resource Center hosts at SUNY New Paltz. This event affords us the opportunity to honor outstanding students, faculty supervisors and employers. We were very pleased to recognize Wesley Dean and KDA Web Technologies at this year's ceremony. We are extremely grateful that KDA works with and mentors our students. KDA provides invaluable experience to our computer science majors especially.  Two annual nationwide surveys, both conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), indicate that performing a college internship not only increases one's opportunities to land a job, but also to keep a job. "
- Beth King, Internship Coordinator

CEO Wes Dean says of the program, “The students coming out of SUNY New Paltz have been incredibly well prepared for our internship program. Not only do they hit the ground running, but they're eager to contribute fresh ideas and new perspectives. It's truly a pleasure mentoring them and contributing to their growth as professionals and individuals."

“We try to supply an enriching experience to the interns accepted to our program.” says Sean Boyd COO. “We also expect a high level of performance. The only way internships work is if they are a two-way street,” continues Boyd, “both parties need to derive value from the relationship for a program to be sustainable’.” Dante and Hamza were both exemplary interns in that they were willing to learn and work hard. While they were learning valuable skills and experience they contributed greatly to the deliverables for KDA clients.

The outstanding performance of Dante and Hamza has earned them part-time employment during their senior year and a position upon graduation with KDA. After attending the SUNY New Paltz intern fair on April 1st, KDA has accepted a number of interns for this summer and looks forward to a long productive relationship with SUNY New Paltz.

KDA Web is a team of technologists based in New Paltz, NY whose expertise spans a wide range of languages, platforms and disciplines. We harbor a deep appreciation for both the importance of sound, sturdy application infrastructure and the necessity of an attractive and intuitive user experience. KDA supplies IT solutions, with a focus on Google, to businesses, learning institutions and not-for-profits.

Wes Dean, a Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist and a Google Apps Trusted Tester, is Principal of KDA Web Technologies, a Google-Centric development firm and a Google Apps Authorized Reseller. To learn how Wes and KDA Web Technologies can help you, go to

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