Thursday, December 20, 2012

Using PHP with MySQL on Google App Engine and Google Cloud SQL with file and database support

There was a post on the Caucho blog on the 12th of December about using their open source Quercus project to run PHP code on Google App Engine (GAE):

This post lists several new tools that Quercus now provides, including:

  • reading from and writing to files using Google's files-like API to store data on Google Cloud Storage using native file operations (i.e. the application doesn't know that what it's writing to "disk" isn't a disk at all)
  • run SQL code on Google Cloud SQL with pdo_ and mysql_ functions mapped to Google Cloud SQL functions
These are very exciting new tools available to the PHP community to run PHP applications on Google App Engine with database support provided by Google Cloud SQL.  

Finally, as a proof of concept, the article demonstrates how to run the latest version of Wordpress on Google App Engine.

Quercus is provided by Caucho as Free / Open-Source Software solution; the package and examples can be downloaded from:

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