Thursday, March 8, 2012

Google Apps Northeast and MidAtlantic Conference 2012

I had the tremendous fortune to have the opportunity to attend the 2012 Google Apps Northeast (and MidAtlantic!) Conference at Google's Manhattan office.  As expected, the conference was awesome!

Last year, I was asked to present at Google's inaugural conference which was held at their Cambridge, Massachusetts office.  It was a one-day conference that was full of great information, so when I heard about the 2012 conference, I jumped on it!

This year's conference was two days long and was just packed with great stuff, including a networking event.  This year was also different in that there were two tracks -- one for organizations that were considering "Going Google" and one for organizations that had already taken the plunge.

They also broke out the conference into tracks, each of which had a different focus topic.

One of my favorite parts of the conference was the networking time when the attendees had the opportunity to chat with other organizations, vendors, and Google representatives.

I also appreciated the opportunity to speak with representatives from a wide cross-section of organizational types, including businesses, colleges, universities, non-profits, k-12 schools, and more.  It was fascinating to watch the discussions between completely different types of organizations espousing different opinions on common topics (e.g. folks from an international, multi-million dollar corporation talking with folks from a public high school).  It was very exciting, very interesting, and very educational.

So, I want to give thanks to Jordan and her colleagues who helped organize the event and I can't wait to see what Google does next year!


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